Any suggestions for flow meters?

I’m currently monitoring the flow rate on the ASHP circuit via my Sontex heat meter. There’s also a Sika flow meter connected to the Mitsubishi Ecodan FTC6 controller which I could also probably read but it’s on the same circuit as the Sontex.

What I’d like to do is add one or two flow meters to the CH heating zones.

I’ve had a look out there and lots of expensive kit.

Ideally I’m looking at something more affordable which would be on 22mm pipe, and pulse or proportional analog voltage would work.

Any suggestions?

Shall we use this one as a test case for more affordable DN20 meters @TrystanLea?


Sure, happy if you want to try the qalcosonic meters @greentangerine , @marko is sending over a batch for us to test.

I installed a spare qalcosonic E3 that I had in the office on one of the heatpumps I maintain yesterday, its working fine so far, albeit all low temp central heating so far Emoncms - app view

(Installed on the flow)

This system had a sontex and a couple of other flow restrictions before, I’ve replumbed and it’s interesting to note that flow rate has jumped up a bit since.

I’m only reading this one every 30s as it’s battery operated, the batch that @marko is sending have 24v external power I think for higher resolution.

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Sure. Let me know what I need to do.

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I’d be interested in a Flow sensor for my Hot Water if they are reasonably priced :slight_smile:

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I am using a couple of VV100s from Vata Verks to measure flow at my water meter and my natural gas meter. I like these as they are non-invasive (you don’t have to mess with plumbing). Downside is they only work at the meter not at a specific device (such as a water heater).

I used this sensor with an Arduino (which requires a 5v power supply). With a dsiplay and a case, it would be about US$25. I transmit to my home automation system which requires a couple of radios (~US$1) and an another Arduino, and, of course, a home automation system (which is basically a retired computer)

I’ll be glad to help if you want to go this route.


Different solutions to different problems, neither appropriate to this thread which is about measuring the flow of liquid through a pipe.

Seriously, @borpin, how is presenting alternate flow meters (and how to use them, with an offer to help) not germane to the question. “Any suggestions for flow meters?” ? My suggestion is in response to your addendum “reasonably priced”

I appreciate wanting to keep the topic on point, though.

My initial post was centred around measuring flow, nothing else.

I don’t need another heat meter - the one I have seems to work fine.

Something with provenance other than the £20 jobs off Ebay etc. would be welcome.