Any interest in another group buy of diyBMS ESP32 Controller PCBs?

If there is enough interest I can start the process of sourcing parts and PCBs for the diyBMS ESP32 Controller. Price will be higher than the previous group buy, depends on parts and shipping costs.

If you are interested, please post below so I can determine how many boards/parts are needed.

I would be interested in at least two. From the WTB post a day ago, it looks like parts are still missing, like U3 and U8 among a few others. Looks like there is an alternative parts solution at least. I am in NC.

I have found a source for these two and the price isn’t too outrageous thankfully. The CAN transceiver chip is however ridiculously priced (average $9.45 each!) anywhere that I’ve found it actually in stock. Thankfully I have a supply of TJA1057/3 chips on-hand and will use them in the building of any boards and then submit an order to restock my supplies (ordering direct from NXP if possible)

I’m ordering a handful of newer CAN transceivers from various suppliers to test compatibility, there may be a few more options available!

I am interested in at least 3 boards. Will these be normal, assembled PCBs requiring just soldering the UCs and through hole parts, and bring-your-own-esp32?

Also interested in the shunt board (3 as well), if you want to add that to the group buy :slight_smile:

Add me as interested (I just had a batch of 50 of the battery modules made, at
most I will need 32). I’m in Southern California.

David Lang

They will be fully assembled and almost ready to use, you will need to add your own ESP32 DevKit board and acquire the DIN mount and TFT.

I might have two spares but beyond that I will need to order more and parts. If there is sufficient interest I’ll get that going as well.

At this point the count for controllers is up to seven, if we can get to at least 15 it will be more economically viable to order a batch of 30 and the required extra parts for them.

I just did a big order of 10 shunts, 10 controller boards, and 50 monitor boards. I will not need all of them myself and was planning on finding good homes for the extras. I was able to find all the parts(I think) except the TJA1057/3 which I figure I will add later as supply allows. Still test building which is why I haven’t posted yet but figured if you don’t get enough for a group buy I can spare a few. I am USA MN based.

Oddly enough my testing is delayed because I accidentally ordered all double wide male 2.54 header pins when I actually need single wide and some female ones as well, sigh, time for another digi order but at least they are in stock. I was planning on doing the assembly for folks since I have a reflow soldering gun but this is my first time working with such small chips and wow is it tough.

Earliest available date I’ve seen so far is July 2022 via Mouser. I’m evaluating a few alternative chips which should be available via Mouser in Jan 2022.

Thanks for the offer! I don’t have any problems with organizing a group buy for the controller and/or shunt. I organized one earlier this year for the controller PCBs and it was very successful.

Yes, some of the components are small and take time to assemble. I could order bare PCBs and parts to assemble from scratch but I prefer having JLCPCB do most of that work for me. On other projects though I do opt for a stencil and manual assembly.