Android app, emonpi and dataplicity

I run EmonCMS in a Raspbian stretch virtual mashine on my Synology server and use a Dataplicity wormhole to get access from outside my private network. This works great with the IOS app and the android app also worked great when I was using an Ubuntu VM, but not so great with my raspbian VM.

In the Android app I can read, that EmonPi/Raspbian does not support https:// communication with the Android app. This is obviously a problem because the Dataplicity wormhole is https.

Forgive my ignorance, I’m no linux expert, but why doesn’t it work with raspbian and is there anything I can do to mediate the problem Thank you very much in advance, I’m really missing the quick access from my phone :slight_smile:

I think simply that it was not implemented as emoncms is not generally setup with SSL certificates.

You can set up SSL and it is easier than it was. Can you access the web interface through the wormhole?

Yes. I can reach the EmonCMS web interface from a browser and the wormhole also give me SSH access from outside. I’m not familiar with SSL, so I’ll read up on that, thank you.