Android app 'Connection Error' and not showing power feeds

Hi There,

I’ve just recently reinstalled emonCMS on a pi (emonPi image) after a re-jig of all my home automation stuff!

emonCMS appears to be working well, but the Android app gives me a ‘connection error’ and I can’t see the power feeds at the top of the screen. In the same view online, everything is working exactly as expected.

Strangest of all, I know the app is connected to the Pi, as I can see the historical consumption in the detail chart!

Any help is appreciated - screenshots are below, let me know if you need any more info.

Web interface - working properly:

Android app - power feeds not working, ‘connection error’:



Hi there,

Is anyone able to help with this? I’d really like to get it resolved if at all possible.



@TrystanLea - @glyn.hudson one for you.

That’s strange, it’s loading the power graph but still giving the connection error? it it an intermittent error or always present? can you try resetting the android app settings?

I get this quite often, swiping between pages fixes it


Hi All,

Thank you for the help - strangely enough, when I came back to this to troubleshoot it, it’s now working perfectly… nothing further to report!

I’m not sure if it was maybe an app update, or something else, but all seems to be fine now.