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AMPY / Landis+Gyr Gas Meter Monitoring


I’m looking to find a way to monitor my natural gas usage and import into Home Assistant.

I have a very basic gas meter - the AMPY Model 750 (AMPY acquired by Landis+Gyr) - brochure here:

It says it’s Pulse Output ready (with optional module):

Pulse Output Ready
All meters are fitted with a magnet in the far right
index wheel and hence each meter is pulse retro
fittable in the field 1 pulse / 10 lts.

Pulse Output Module
10 litres per pulse using IN-Z61 or IN-Z62 pulse

I’m hoping the “magnet in the far right index wheel” can be used with something already available as I don’t have the pulse monitor option. I found this in regards to the pulse monitor:


Welcome, @shanelord to the OEM forum.

If your meter is like my Actaris,

there’s a recess underneath the “fastest” wheel of the register where the module fits. I simply got a block of wood (you can 3-D print a housing if you have the printer) and cut a slot so that an ordinary small magnetic reed switch is held underneath and in line with the wheel. There’s a post obviously intended for a screw that holds the wood in place.

In my case, the reed switch goes into the pulse input of an emonTH, it could equally connect into an emonTx or emonPi, or indeed anything that accepts volt-free contacts and, importantly, can handle contact bounce.