Am I too impatient?


I like what I see here:

I can also see that it is a pre-release version.
Is there a status update when this is going out of pre-release into release?
Or just jump in and have a go ( knowing one can always go back?)
Any live experience with this version here?

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Yes, you can always downgrade so should be no problem to use the pre-release.

What new feature are you after?

The latest stable release includes V2 firmware which is a big update: Release V4.2.2 · OpenEVSE/ESP32_WiFi_V4.x · GitHub

Thanx Glyn!

I am actually looking for something OEM started with the DemandShaper feature.
Currently struggling to get that going as I / we will move to a dynamic tarif by november 1st. Integration between our PV production and DemandShaper is another point. Could DemandShaper switch off solar installations when negative prices occur ( which is more and more a common occurence here in the Netherlands ) and do so in a smart way.

Where DemandShaper ticks of all boxes where PV could supply energy behind the meter and when those opportunities run out switch of the installation.

Off topic for this question of course - the openevse device does not appear in the DemandShaper window after following the instructions mentioned there. Yes - I am still in the beginning of getting this to work properly.

Additional question:
I run my EmonEVSE on an ethernet cable.
Just to double check - first upgrade to firmware 8.3.2 before trying anything else if I understand the documentation correctly.

Ah the Ethernet modules can be a bit more involved to upgrade. What firmware are you currently running?

Demand Shaper is no longer compatible with OpenEVSE from WiFi V4.x onwards. However, Self Production (solar PV divert) and Current Shaper (maximum grid demand) are supported. Demand Shaper should not be enabled since this will adversely affect the operation.

Ah that explains it’s not working.
Where could I have found THAT piece of crucial info I wonder.

I think I have to flash / update the AC/DC power thing - that is a MinMax AF-04D125.
I have an Atmel AVRISP Mk II to talk with it.

But the MinMax reported it was not in program-mode.
No idea how to get it into program mode.

Hardware firmware is on and protocol 4.0.1
“Wifi” (?) firmware is on 3.3.2

So how to proceed?
(1) Go to the 8.3.3 hardware firmware I think as for that the cabinet has to be opened;
(2) Figure out to get the MinMax to talk to the AVRISP MK ii device
(3) ???

I think I need some pointers to the correct documentation.
If I have to use the emonevse isp update thingie - no worries, than I’ll get that.

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It’s on the demandshaper homepage: GitHub - emoncms/demandshaper: Appliance, Smartplug, OpenEVSE demand scheduler: Find the best time to run household loads

No, no need to update the OpenEVSE controller FW. AVR programmer is not required. You only need to update the Ethernet gateway firmware, this can be done via Ethernet gateway mini USB connector. This first thing to determine is what hardware revision of Ethernet gateway you have? This should be printed on the PCB. You probably have rev E

Here’s the instructions for how to update the Ethernet gateway via USB:

Assuming you have rev E, this is the update file you should use: Success

This only needs to be done once, since newer versions of the FW can be updated via the web UI

I have the Rev-F.
Use this one then:
Success or follow the documentation and go with the E?

Ah cool, if you have Rev F then you should use the rev-f firmware file: Success

Update procedure is the same.

Thanx for all the help!
Jus got it going.

I got all the documentation confused as I red I first had to update the hardware firmware to 8.3.2.
The gui-v2 is now operational but the hardware version is still version - now problem I guess?

Other query: the demandshaper thing and the integration with ovms is now a thing of the past I fear? Because that would be a total match with the dynamic prices & the Leaf etc.

Nice work! I don’t think the controller FW update is essential. But there have been a number of bug fixes, so if you encounter any issues this would be the first thing to try. If you have an AVR programmer it’s quite straightforward, but most people don’t!

I’m afraid to Demand Shaper is not currently being actively developed, it needs updating to use the new OpenEVSE API, RAPI control is now deprecated.