Alternative energy monitoring systems

I thought it might be interesting to see what other systems to measure electrical energy are out there. Could serve as inspiration… I found a couple so here we go:

  • Panoramic Power, Commercial, for buildings. I like the simple installation
  • Smappee (mentioned before in the Forum, I think)
  • Volkszähler Open source project as well, not as advanced I would say
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OOooh, I like the ‘Panoramic Power’ CT’s !

May be of interest to @Martin_Harizanov


…some more

  • CURB (for homes, cloud)
  • neurio (for homes, cloud)
  • Discovergy (full service (installation of smart meter), for homes, cloud)

Agree Panoramic Power self-powered CT’s are very cool, shame they are not open source!

JeeLabs worked on a self-powered design based on our YHDC SCT CT’s. It’s really impressive technically and fully open-source :grinning:

It’s amazing what JCW from Jeelabs has achieved, I feel honoured we supplied him with the CT’s for testing :slight_smile: .

Looking forward to when he publisheds the book he’s been working on.

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That design looks to me like it’s a binary LOAD_ON Vs LOAD_OFF indicator.

The Panoramic one is interesting. I’m guessing it gives a rough estimate of apparent power, in which case it probably doesn’t matter too much if their parasitic power circuit distorts the original current signal too much.

Interesting indeed, both from engineering side and functions available.
The self powered version is interesting from technical point of view, but I doubt it is very accurate without voltage measurement.

What I find of more practical value is energy disaggregation, smappee (what a funny name) suggests they have that function.

Another interesting read on EMI based energy disaggregation


Yes agree, energy disaggregation is very cool. Has the potential to make an energy monitor much for insightful to the average household user if we automatically disaggregate and present a breakout of applications. We did play out trying do this in the early days of the project, it’s a signal processing problem. Having fast hardware such as raspi3 will help with the processing. Also really need continuous sampling rather than 10s data points.

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Happy to see that you think the same way about disaggregation! Some thoughts on this, before I forget them:

  1. Secondary positive effects: Seen on a global scale, energy disaggregation makes additional measuring equipment, and therefore its resource intensive production unnecessary. +1
  2. Running a 50 W computer to identify a 3 W vampire load would of course defy the purpose. -1
  3. If I think about my in-laws as an example of “aware but not overly interested in details”, they would never check any detailed diagrams. What could change their behaviour (gamification) would be a daily or weekly report per mail including “always-on”, heating and total, maybe compared with the last day, week, year…

(sorry for the borderline thread hijack…)

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It would be very nice if this could be developed over time with emon. All the mentioned devices push data to their server for analysing and you get it back … with more or less extra services (paid smartplugs)
I understand that those little devices have no power to analyse data in real time locally …
But I’m always thinking … will the company behind this survive in time ? If no well you have a nice little box doing nothing. I’d prefer to have an extra pi in the local network as ‘cloud’ device doing the job and then send data back to emoncms for ex to display etc. And via node-red and some smart plugs you could achieve exactly the same what is proposed with one bonus, I’m in charge of the full chain.
True it isn’t as easy to use as those little boxes key in hand. But I prefer by far open source.
Pity I lack the skills to develop it … but if someone or a team does, I’m in to test

I have been using neurio for my CTs, and have them feeding into my emonpi via a simple python script.

Neurio has a whole API they give access to their users both in the cloud and on their local device via json. I have tested along side a couple Aeon Labs HEMs via SmartThings(which also provides an api). Very interesting what your doing here for the open source community. I’m a little cautious with cloud systems. They work, but require internet and add the risk of outage for other reasons. So I’m currently learning and picking up the Open Source side.

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Found another one:


The starter kit is “14,999”. Whilst it doesn’t explicitly say so, I assume that to be Indian Rupee’s, that would translate to something like $221 (USD0 or £176 (GBP) and the “Wifi” kit is double that price

I know it is an old thread, but I was looking for an alternative for emoncms and I don’t want to install another piece of HW when I have already a z-wave hub and devices.

So I have found
I can simply push data from my Vera (I believe you can do it from any smarthub) and it shows my energy graphs. Temp and humidity too