Alpine release for RPi 3s

Saw this today, sounds interesting and may give some ideas for future projects:

I like this part:

Alpine’s frugal nature makes it appealing as an alternative to some of the more resource intensive distributions available for the Pi, with optimisations such as OpenRC replacing systemd as the init system. A minimal disk installation will only consume around 130MB and the maintainers claim a container only needs 8MB.

Especially the part about a minimal installation consuming only 130MB of disk space.

Nice, any one tried running Emoncms on Alpine? I wonder if Alpine would be a good base for future emonSD releases? I would also like to investigate running Emoncms / emonHub in Docker contains on the RasPi to make moving between OS’s and updating easier.

I’ve only got as far as seeing the announcement. I have a spare RPi 3(+?) somewhere, but little time at home at the moment.