All these new inputs....?

I just upgraded my Emonpi sd to 01Feb24 with TONS of effort (another story), but all these mystery inputs just showed up, and I don’t know what they are for… no explanation anywhere that I could find…

Where did these come from??
The EmonTX4, Emonpi, EVSE are my original inputs, but all the others I have NO idea where they came from, or if I created a monster by accident.
Any ideas?

I think that looks like what might appear if the configuration of the MQTT topic on the EVSE is not quite right. Which should look something like this (older software version):

You can clear the inputs with


Thanks for the reply!
I am using the latest FW 8.2.2 on my EVSE with wifi 5.1.0-modified.
Here is the MQTT page:

and the self production:

What I am trying to create is some indicator for whether I am importing or exporting power.
I thought of creating a feed resulting of the polarity of importing or exporting power (positive or negative power 1)… this is where all these strange inputs that appeared I was questioning.

I will try the cleaning…

That clean command I had to use the IP of my emonpi… worked!
55 nodes and 179 inputs were deleted!

Every time I run the clear, 44 new nodes and inputs are deleted???
Something keeps re-generating them.
Before clear:

immediately after clear:

They come back very quickly though… within seconds!

What could be creating the new inputs?

WOW!! TONS of devices that I did NOT create too!:

After looking carefully, I noticed in the EVSE MQTT settings under base topic, I had emon.
I changed it to emon/openevse and that fixed it!
Thanks Trystan for pointing me in the right direction.