All in one board LED Blinks 5 times now

After programming an older prototype all in one board yesterday, I swapped it out on one of my battery banks to test it, which seemed to failed, then swapping back the all in one board to the one that has been running for months, it also is not working now and is blinking with a 5 blinking error, looking at the error led faults is states that the error is " MAX14921 VP is below UV_VPVTH (6V)", have a fried my controller board with this early prototype all in one board?, is there anyway of test the controller or once good? all in one board with damaging other controller boards by swapping out for one of my other battery banks?.
PS… the existing controller all lights up as normal and has a viewable webpage

Stranger things have happen, after leaving it going for nearly a day with no change, but now I tried again with several connection and disconnecting of the data link and power cycling by USB to esp32 controller, it has burst back to life with the original all in one board, do I try again with the prototype board again, maybe a loses data connection?

All but one prototype board now working, but have other issue with one now only showing 9v as battery voltage instead of 55.8v, I will create another topic for it