Air Source Heat Pump link to Solar PV

I have a Mitsu ASHP for CH and DHW for a largish 4 bed house in the Algarve. I still have some questions about the setup and I know it still needs some tuning, but I am generally satisfied with it.

I do also have a Kia E- Niro.

I have decided on a supplier for SolarPV and will be discussing choice of components (panels, Inverter, battery etc.) shortly.

Has anyone any advice on what I should be specifying in relation to integration with the ASHP?

Hello @AlgarveASHP Im not aware of any off the shelf direct automated integrations between solar and a mitsi ASHP. You can of course set the DHW timer to run in the middle of the day using the Mitsi scheduler. One way to integrate is to have a battery that decouples the need to precisely time the heat pump as you can charge the battery from the solar through the day and run the heat pump either during that time or later in the day. The heat pump can then draw whatever power it needs from the battery (if there’s not enough solar generation… ).

Your other option is a solar PV diverter to dump excess solar to an immersion heater in the hot water tank.

Is the ASHP configured for cooling as well?

Thanks Trystan.
In the summer months I time the ASHP to serve the DHW at the hottest time of day i.e. 2:00 - 5:00, and in the winter I do 2-3hrs at night when on cheaper rate and a shorter period during the afternoon. I do have an immersion heater in the DHW tank, but haven’t used it yet. I am quite undecided about a battery but I will probably install a small one initially, until we establish a new pattern of power useage, (particularly the EV charging).
The ASHP is only heating and I will be dependent on SolarPV to drive the air conditioning units throughout the house.

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