Air Quality Sensing : emonCMS dashboard

I’ve used emonCMS to make a public dashboard for air quality for the street I’m on.

I’ve reconfigured the sensor recently so it’s not posting to emonCMS for the time being, but selecting timeframe = one month on the graph with give you the historic data.

A few of us in the block we live in had problems with a construction site digging up old bituminous soil from a nearby derelict factory, nasty work resulting in dust and a chemical smell which got to our eyes and throat when the wind blew from that direction… I set up this sensor in time to catch the last week of the ground work.

It doesn’t show what kind of particles there are, which is important, but there are EU regulations on PM counts anyway, these regulations came about as a result of campaigning in Germany, and the diesel engines → low air quality research, showing the relationships of PM levels to health factors, particularly diabetes risk.

Credit to team and Open Data Stuttgart.

All build instructions for the sensor can be found on the luftdaten website.

I’m looking at the luftdaten firmware next to make it send data to emonCMS, I was using something else before.


The linked dashboard is old, so here’s the lab dashboard I made.
I keep making my dust-sensor dashboards brown. Seems appropriate.

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