Advices about HeatPump Monitor

Hi all,
I plan to monitor my heat pump. The device provides a lot of data but unfortunately, the control unit is “too old” (10 years) and there’s no way to read these data (at least, I didn’t find any way on Internet).
I’ve time to think about all of it since now my pump is in “standby” till probably mid of October.
I’d like to buy the hardware from the shop. In the doc, there’s a mention about a “vortex flow device”…
I don’t want to cut any pipe, is there a way to “replace” it with some calculation or other parameters?

My heat pump is a Stiebel-Eltron WPF16 used for heating only. It heats a buffer tank of 400l.


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Hm, it seems, Trystan is on holiday or busy or ?!?

I don’t know that @TrystanLea is, I believe there’s only one person working on the premises processing and despatching orders at any one time, everyone else is working from home.

Hello @FredM67, sorry for the delay. You can gain a lot of insight without the flow sensor by just measuring electricity consumption and the flow and return temperatures in particular.

You can do this with an emonPi or emonTx based monitor with one CT on the heatpump and several DS18B20 temperature sensors. I’ve been meaning to write up a guide on this configuration for some time, but a good place to start for an emonPi overview is here Install emonPi - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

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You might find this post by @johncantor useful

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Hi Trystan,
My idea was to buy the Heatpump Monitor kit from the shop of OpenEnergyMonitor.
I’ve a heatpump Stiebel Eltron WPF16, three-phase (WSHP). On the cold side, there’s a plate heat exchanger to get the calories from the groundwater. On the hot side, the pump heats a buffer tank of 400l. From the buffer tank, it goes to the underfloor heating.

It seems, the Heatpump Monitor kit cannot be bought anymore :frowning:

It’s still listed but “currently unavailable”, so probably worth an email to the shop.

Hello @FredM67 if you dont need the MBUS reader, there’s not much point using the rest of the heatpump monitor as the emonPi and emonTx support all the other features anyway and are pre-assembled. If you need something lower cost than a full unit with enclosures you may be interested in the emonPi shield only option that you can add to a raspberrypi if you have one spare, its a new shop entry, see: emonPi Shield KIT (no enclosure) - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

Hi Trystan
Well, I wanted the mbus reader too.
I prefer a “standalone” unit with enclosure…
Why is it currently not available? What is missing? The PCB?
I could order it myself if needed. For the other parts, that would be easier to get them from the shop.

Ah ok, sorry I misunderstood. The part that is currently out of stock is the boost converter for the MBUS reader. We will have some more of these soon and will be making the kit available again in the shop.


Hey that sounds pretty cool…
So I’ll wait till it’s available again. If possible please reserve one kit for me…

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Fantastic news! Can I reserve one too, please? Can you advise when it will be available?

Many thanks,


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