Advice needed on home project

Hi, I moved into an ancient cottage just before lockdown and thought I’d install GSHP & PV w battery storage. Long story short: asbestos, high water table, damp, and rotten floors made this a formidable challenge.

To date: GSHP& UFH installed but beyond overspent and zero budget remaining for PV or batteries – compounded by 27.10p/kWh and set to rise.

Best I can do right now is apply for an EV Tariff and shift as much energy usage to hours between 2am and 6am, especially for DHW on GSHP.

Hence need to analyse usage. So far I’ve managed to get half-hourly data as csv from Bulb and made my own spreadsheet/graphs:

I suspect OpenEnergyMonitor might do a much, much better job than this. But not sure how to get from SMETS2 (Landis_Gyr_E470_Series_3), other than csv from Bulb every few months?

Also want to obtain data from specific circuits using this sort of gadget along w Tuya app - but as I’ve just learned in another section of this forum, that’s not going to play nicely with OpenEnergyMonitor.

Any help on how to get on board with OpenEnergyMonitor greatly appreciated. thanks

Have you a link to that device?

Hi Brian, I’ve only got the info posted on separate thread (to which I notice you’ve just contributed, thanks).
I haven’t managed to track down the manufacturer, Open, but it seems they’re one of many in China making similar gadgets.
Link to product on Amazon here, and I have contacted the seller, WEBN, and asked for info - no response as yet, and they’re no longer selling that item.

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