Adding the fan to the load resistors

Has anyone had any thoughts about putting a 3.3V fan in parallel with the load resistors?
So when the load resistors are on, so is the fan blowing on the resistors.
So the load is increased and the resistors stay cooler longer?? I’d have to look at the mosfet to see if it could handle the resistors and the fan current…

What do you guys think?


If I recall correctly the load is pwm driven so if you take a 4 wire pwm fan and connect the pwm pin to the load it will modulate the fan speed. No noticeable additional current to the mosfet .

Yeah The mosfet should be able to handle the extra load after looked at the schematic…
The fans I was thinking of were dumb, 2pin, fans. Maybe I’ll try it and see what happens. Maybe I’ll put a cap to “smooth” out the PWM signal. If I can keep it cool enough, then it might be 100% on
most of the time??