Adding tarriff to App Cost Comparison


In the web based apps there is an app that gives cost comparisons. Is there a way to add to the table of tariffs that appears?


Hello Ian, I’ve been thinking the same, but have not yet added any. The cost comparison app was created by @stuartpittaway (New App - Cost Comparison by stuartpittaway · Pull Request #32 · emoncms/app · GitHub), there is a tariff definition table here app/rates.js at master · emoncms/app · GitHub

Hi everyone,

After playing around with the current cost comparison app and comparing it to the the other consumption apps available on I was wondering whether it would be possible to include an option to input your own tariff into the system -similar to how it is done on my electric- (and perhaps that data could be saved so that the list of tariffs is slowly expanded)?

I think it would be very useful for people to be able to see their consumption patterns by making use of the energy use by half-hour of day:

Has there been any progress made on this since Ian posted this? Alternatively, would it be possible to incorporate the half-hour of day (over whole period) graph into time of use-flexible? That may be less work than the suggestions I made before…


A bit late to the party, but I added my own tariffs to rates.js and can post them if anyone wants.

Before I dive in and add a “total for visible period” (so I can compare its estimates with my billing period), can anyone tell me if it’s already been done or not, or if there’s a clever way to do it?