Adding extra input to a feed

Feeling a bit ‘thick’ here at the moment. :open_mouth:

I am trying to add together 2 solar inputs both connected to an EmonTX on CT1 & CT2 to a single feed so I can display it on my ‘app’ I can see the inputs showing the 2 separate solar power inputs but can’t figure out how to combine them into 1 feed to display on the app. I have had an EmponPi for about 3 years but with just one set of panels generating about 500W between them, but with the current situation I had a second set of panels and micro inverter sitting in the shed so thought I would get them out. Also thinking it would be easy to add a second set to a feed. It probably is if you have a logical thought process, I am more of a hands on than theory, should have listened more when I was in school… :roll_eyes:

You would get one input to add in the other input:


…and log it to an existing feed, or a new feed.

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One caveat that I’d add: if you can derive the same data from another Feed, then, for timing considerations, it’s better to add a Feed rather than an Input.