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Adding Emonpi to Emoncms account

I own a IotaWatt and I love it. I purchased a Emonpi and would like to add it to my existing
account with the IotaWatt. Is this possible? Thank you

I suggest The IoTaWatt forum is a better place to ask a question that is specifically about the operation and use of IoTaWatt. That is managed by Bob Lemaire (@Overeasy), and he and the other users there are more likely to have the specific knowledge to help you.

The IoTaWatt forum uses the same software as this, but you must register a new account there. If the user name you have here is not taken, it might be helpful to have the same user name in both places.

But if you just want to send your emonPi data to (as well as saving it on the emonPi), the you only need to edit emonhub.conf (via a web browser logged in to the emonPi).

Yes, it’s totally possible, the IoTaWatt and the emonPi work independently and you can point them at the same account no problem. You just need to add your apikey to emonhub.conf on the emonpi.

Paul thank you. One question when I first set up the Emonpi I need to register it. Should I create a separate account for it and then modify the emonhub.conf after that.

Thank you Robert. I created an account and I will post my specific questions to IotaWatt there. But
this question pertains to the Emonpi or possibly Emoncms. I posted a follow up to pb66 comment and hopefully
get an answer to the first step. I just do not want to create another account if I do not have to. Thanks again
for your suggestion.

Sending the emonPi data to is in fact one of our standard methods of working, and it’s fully described in ‘Guide’. So I wasn’t totally certain that your question was only that, and not something specific to Iotawatt as well.

You can have many devices all reporting to the same emonCMS - either your local emonCMS on your emonPi, or your account, or both.

When you set up the emonPi you can “register a new user” to the local emoncms instance on the emonPi, that will not hurt and will not mean you must use it. To be honest it might be worth doing just so therte is something consuming the local data, but that does not need to be persisted to the sdcard. By default there are no feeds set up so the inputs will just get overwritten every 10s.

From within the local emoncms you have access to emonhub.conf and the log files for both emonhub and local emoncms that may help should you need to debug anything. There is also an Admin page that shows useful info and has an easily accessible “update emonpi” button.

None of this is not accessible via ssh and the command line eg to edit emonhub.conf manually

nano /home/pi/data/emonhub.conf

emoncms might be a nicer gui for the more relivent stuff even though you are not actually using the local emoncms to collect energy data.

Even if you do not register a new user, all the services and servers are still running so there is no reason not to use what’s already running. You could start stopping local server and services if you want to reduce cpu and power usage, less moving parts etc. But there is no easy “off” switch, you would need to make the changes manually.

Thank you for that info. I set it up local and i will takle getting both on the same account later. Right now i am only using the Raspberry Pi to monitor temperature. It works great so far just like my Itowatt.