Adding a fifth EmonTH

I currently have four EmonTH sensors, two bought in 2016 with the big DHT22 sensors fitted in a socket on the left (batteries at the top) and two bought in 2020 with the PCB mounted sensor. The DPI switches are set to 0,1,2,3 so theoretically I need to edit the firmware to add more EmonTH units.

However I note V1.xx firmware uses nodes 19 to 22 while V2.xx firmware uses nodes 23 to 26. How can I tell what version firmware is installed ? I’m rather hoping the older two are Vn1.xx and the newer two are Vn2.xx, which means I can add two more new EmonTH without having to edit any firmware.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Looking at what I think are the default sketches, both V1 and V2 software prints the version to the serial FTDI port on startup, so if you have a programmer, you can find out this way.

From what you write, the Node IDs you see on the Inputs page of emonCMS or indeed the emonHub log should tell you, if the switches are set to NodeID+0, NodeID+1, NodeID+2 & NodeID+3, the you should be receiving from Nodes 19, 20, 25 & 26.

However, it doesn’t look like this to me: what I think are the default sketches for both V1 and V2 start at node 23. If I’m right, then you should be receiving data from Nodes 23, 24, 25 & 26.

We don’t generally get to know which the default sketch for any particular device shipped on a given date will be, but an email to The Shop might tell you.

Thanks, probably just as easy to reprogram the new node as it’ll be on the bench to start with. The other four nodes are installed with external sensors so it would be a bit of a bind to disconnect them just to find the firmware version. Apart from that, the system is all working nicely at present and I don’t want to risk upsetting it, you know how it works … I’ll just do this … and all hell breaks loose :frowning:

OR, if it ain’t broke, fix it until it is. :rofl:

Node IDs aren’t cast in concrete, you’re free to allocate them as you wish. However, we assume you use the ones in the default emonhub.conf unless you clearly say otherwise, so there’s potential for confusion down the line.

OT, but that reminds me of what a friend said about the FAA’s attitude WRT aircraft inspections:

*We’re not happy till you’re not happy.

I ended up rewiring two of the external sensors and using one of the emonTX3 inputs to achieve the changes I needed, rather than adding a fifth emonTH :

emonTH5 external temperature : ‘Workshop’ → ‘Bedroom3’ (new sensor)
emonTH6 no change
emonTH7 no change
emonTH8 external temperature : ‘Outside Temp’ → ‘Workshop’ (Outside Temp moved to emonTX3)

How can I rename the inputs/feeds in my emonBase ? I can rename the inputs easily enough but cannot rename the feeds (log, min, max). If I delete the feeds it offers to create a new feed with the edited input name, but when I try to create the feed it says it already exists. It would be useful if I could just re-allocate the workshop feed so the source has moved from emonTH5 to emonTH8 and the outside temp so the source has moved from emonTH8 to emonTX3.

I use the MQTT data to feed into the rest of my IOT system where the changes were straightforward, not so with the emonBase :frowning: Any suggestions ?


Which version of emonCMS is your emonBase running?

I have two versions here, 10.7.4 and 11.3.0
In both, if I tick the box to the feft of the Feed name, I then get a selection of operations offered in the blue header, one of which is a pencil to edit. The Feed name is editable for me. (Note - you must have only one Feed ticked.)

Thanks, I appear to have ‘low-write 11.3.22’.

Ooops, not sure why I missed that one :-(. I can rename the inputs and feeds as you suggest and the names then show in the feed definitions, thanks.

I have a number of graphs defined, in order to update them I’ve found you need to untick the box next to the feed and re-tick it to update the graph legend. The downside is it adds the ‘new’ feed at the bottom of the list, so if you have a nicely sorted list you have to untick them all, then re-tick them in the order you want them to show.

Many thanks, looks like the update is now completed :slight_smile: