Add OpenEvse to emoncms on my raspberry pi?

I have an OpenEvse w/wifi configured to use Emoncms - user login so i know it’s more-or-less working.

I have a raspberry pi gathering dust and thought it would help me learn how the system works, so i loaded emoncms onto an sd card and that all seems to have gone well and it’s configured on my lan and i created an account and was able to log into it at http://emonpi/emoncms/

I added the device module as described here

and that all seems to have worked except i had thought once I did that, there would be a choice to add an OpenEvse device on the “device setup” / “new device” menu. But there isn’t. In any event, how do i add my openevse to my local emonpi?

Edit: so it’s all good now. Once i put the writeapi key into my OpenEVSE, the inputs just auto-magically showed up.

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Nice work! :+1: