Add new graph to solar app

Hi there!

Maybe this is something that has been discussed already, sorry for that in advance if this is the case :pray:.

I installed some solar photovoltaic panels at home recently and reading about how companies compensate by law (talking about Spanish law) the energy exceeds I found out very interesting to have one more graph into the solar app, one that splits hourly the kWh used and kWh produced, as they get compensated even if you don’t use/produce simultaneously within that hour (always from o’clock to o’clock).

Showing this info in a similar way the Solar-History graph for each hour would give a much accurate idea of how much you really end up paying for and how much is really exceed energy you sell to the company.

For example at 12:00 you use 2kWh and you produced 3kWh, even you produced those 3kWh the first 30 minutes and you used the 2kWh last 20minutes the total balance will be: 1kWh exceed.

My idea of posting here is to ask if maybe this could be accomplished via configuration/settings or even if in the dashboard maybe this can be shown… or if I need to develop this new myself and if so to get a starting-up point to add this graph.

Many thanks in advance!