Add Immersion feed option to My Heatpump app

Would it be possible to add an option in the Heatpump app to show power consumption of the immersion heater as a separate value.

This would ideally need to be excluded from COP (as we know this is a fixed value of 1) but would allow for more accurate tracking of all power usage for CH and DHW.

Does it need to be a seperate feed, or could it be added to the feeds for electrical consumption AND heat produced? By adding it to both feeds, the COP will still be representative of overall performance.

This could be added to both, my only thought process behind splitting these out was to allow for monitoring of ASHP performance without this being skewed by disinfection cycles / boosted heat which would obviously directly impact the overall COP.

While seeing the data and having information about when the immersion is running (and power usage over time) is useful, degrading the overall COP in this way would make it harder to compare systems and detect issues (as we have been recently with a few of the 9KW Daikin units).

I guess as this is just a 1:1 ratio it could also be monitored in a separate dashboard to keep track of any power consumption.

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Wouldn’t mind this feature as I’m hoping to still make use of our myenergi eddi.


I’d also find this useful if it’s possible, as I can then add the Mixergy data feed for the integrated immersion I use daily to go from ~50C to 65C.

But you do raise a good point.

@LeiChat Do you have the relay board for the Eddi and are you planning to integrate it with the ASHP?.

You can configure this to have the Heat pump control the Eddi / immersion heater and even activate the ASHP when you have excess solar when needed.

I have the basic info available here if it helps - Settings for Daikin ASHP - Eddi smart grid integration .docx - Google Docs

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Thank you. I had heard about this option but wasn’t sure whether to pursue the idea because of how intermittent the excess PV energy can be, but I see in your document there is an option for “Min On Time”.

It’s been suggested to me that’s it is generally better to capture the excess to a storage battery and use that for scheduled DHW cycles. The AC/DC conversion losses being smaller than the gains from ASHP CoP.

Will probably revisit the idea once I’ve had a chance to observe how much the ASHP adds to our base load for space heating. It may be that there isn’t much PV excess left for the eddi to use/redirect.

A word of warning, I have an issue with using an Eddi to trigger my ASHP that I think would apply to anyone who wants to do this but also has a DC inverter in their system.

Basically it means that when large loads like a kettle turn off the Eddi tries to trigger the heat pump.
See here for threads on the MyEnergi forum:
Eddi relay false triggers caused by inverter lag - Page 2 - myenergi
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Someone from MyEnergi has been able to replicate it and they are hoping to fix it in a future firmware update. I hope in time for next summer when there is enough generation again.