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Q: Do I need any special skills, knowledge, tools, etc. to use OEM?

@Bill.Thomson - Can additional info be added to the Tools area? This was one of my big questions when looking at the OEM system. Feel free to edit as you see fit.


  • The Python programming language - configuring/troubleshooting emonHub issues. (PY extension)
  • Arduino Software - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing the firmware code for the OEM devices. The code is known as a sketch. (INO extension)
  • PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language (PHP extension)
  • JavaScript is a object-oriented programming language (JS extention)
  • HTML?


You bet!
I added PHP and JS to the list. The term sketch is already referenced in the list.

The idea with this section was to let users know what knowledge, skills, etc. would be helpful with integrating/using an OEM system in a very generalized manner. i.e. if a user wanted more info, a web-search would help them find it, and if not, then by all means, ask.

Here’s a suggestion. What say we put the specifics in a terminology glossary? That was my next step after finishing the FAQ section.

After thinking about it for a bit, it occured to me that a Glossary of Terms (with some possible exceptions) runs counter to one of the other items on the page - the one that says search the web first.

The exceptions to that rule would be OEM specific items/issues that might not be found via a web

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Maybe there are two sets of FAQs (or two sections or two Topics). One for the beginners (this is the group I was thinking about) and a separate FAQ for the non-beginners. For the non-beginners you might want to direct them to search the web (stackoverflow, etc).

A beginner really doesn’t want to dig thru lots of complex FAQs, they are looking for the high-level basics. And will this work for me?

Terminology glossary
I like the idea of the Terminology Glossary!
For the beginners a Terminology glossary would be a huge help. There were many terms I had never heard before - like the term “sketch”!

And for a non-beginner a Terminology glossary would also be huge. “continuous sampling” versus “discrete sampling” had me stumped and @Robert.Wall came to the rescue.

But I wouldn’t want to see both mixed together - too confusing for the beginner.

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Good example of an OEM specific item!

Did this ever end up going anywhere? I found this post while looking for a terminology dictionary to clarify the precise definition of “node” and “key” as used in the inputs.