ACS770 Hall Effect Sensors

(Daniel Bates) #1

April this year Allegro have released hall effect current sensors that have a high degree of accuracy and are temperature compensated. Being hall-effect, there’s an inbuilt degree of isolation, and the ratings are present in the datasheet.

It was the kind of standard I was looking for a project some years down the road, but here they are!

They’re 50-200A uni or bi-directional.

I’ll be having a play soon :slight_smile:

(Trystan Lea) #2

Looks interesting @danbates, useful for emonDC? let us know how you get on

(Daniel Bates) #3

I think so… Testing and checking first. I’ll let you know.

(Barry Hewett) #4

Hi Dan, do you have any updates on the progress of the EmonDC? I am very interested as I would like to monitor the DC as well as the AC in my system.

(Daniel Bates) #5

Hi, It’s coming along slowly… There are safety related aspects which are worth getting certification for and I’m taking my time over them. I’ve made a couple of DC metering units by hand recently, both installed and working, sending to emonCMS. I used ABS enclosures to house them safely.

emonDC is some months down the road.

If you’d like to cover material cost I could assemble something for what you need.

Lets PM.

(Daniel Bates) #6

I’ve made a test of an ACS770.

I could only test with a small current for now. But it showed up! Worked fine, which was surprising. It was blasted by my too-hot gas torch and exuberant use of it.

current flowing through

output no current

output with current

I’ll be able to test again with a heftier source of current later this month.

(Daniel Bates) #7

When I started this thread, I knocked together a simple breakout board ACS7** series current sensors, in eagle, and sent it to ragworm.

Last week I put it together. A better soldering iron was what was needed to not repeat burning the board. I imagine a 40W iron would do the trick.

Here are a few pics. Send me a message if you’re interested in something like this. I’d like to gauge interest.

I’m repositioning the headers and mounts to make the breadboard rows more accessible and give the ring terminal mounts more space.

This is measuring current only.