Accuracy of EmonTH

When I first got my EmonTH (DHT variety) it was a revelation to be able to get Temp & Humidity data.

Unfortunately, technology has moved on and, unless you really need a battery based sensor, there are better and cheaper ways of getting the data.

The crunch has come as I realise that the EmonTH is very inaccurate for temperature, reading some 10% lower than 2 other (different types) sensors. Humidity accuracy is pretty good.

So it is time to retire the old sensor. I could simply add an offset to the data, but I don’t really need to do that as the new Komfovent control panel matches the BME680 I have been using to check.

I remember Trystan doing some experiments when OEM decided to go for the Si unit in the EmonTH, so the lack of accuracy is not surprising really.