Accessing raw data

Hi guys,
I’m totally new to this whole community and energy monitoring systems. I’ve got an emonpi setup and it’s logging away nicely.
Now while I can access the data through the app and periodically download a csv for specific dates, I’m looking for a way to get to the whole data file directly.
I’ve seen posts about using MQTT and python scripts but all that is a bit over my head to be honest.
Is there any simple guide available somewhere or anything?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!


Hello @Davel, welcome!

Do you want to import the whole data file into something in particular?

The data is stored in binary and is not ‘human readable’, The long description can be found here for PHPFina: Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor there’s also a history there of timeseries storage development in emoncms.

Alternatively there is a guide here on exporting the data as CSV, you can export extended historic periods this way: Exporting CSV - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor see full export via feeds interface.

Hi , thanks for the reply. I was able to use Node Red to log all the readings into a CSV file on the pi and then run a script to remotely copy the data off the pi every few days. The CSV file then rewrites every few days to stop it from getting too large.