Accessing HeatFlex-supplied EmonPi

Hi all!

I’ve just got an EmonPi as part of the HeatFlex research scheme.

It’s mostly working, but I can’t get SSH access, or WebSerial access to reconfigure which ports are 20A, 50A, 100A, etc.

I’ve spoken to HeatFlex, and they say that OEM configured everything for them and to speak to them. I wondered if anyone here knows how they were configured, or how I can speak to someone from OEM who might know?


Welcome, Tom, to OEM and the forum.

Firstly, I don’t work for Megni, I, like almost everyone else on the forum, only work with them. So I don’t know about any detailed changes that HeatFlex might have asked for.

If your emonPi is a standard one with the standard software, you should be able to cycle through the display using the push-button and “Enable SSH” by holding the button down for a few seconds.
If this doesn’t work, it’s possible to add a file to the SD card (assuming you have something else to write to the card with - a laptop with maybe an internal or external card slot). The file name is ssh and it goes into the /boot directory. It doesn’t need to contain anything, it just needs to be there.
If you can’t do either of these, then email ‘The Shop’ at [email protected].

Thanks Robert

@TomGroves yes please email us, the SSH password on these is non standard but we can change this for you. If you can email us with your heat flex details we will be able to sort this out for you.

Done, thanks for the extremely fast response!

I had managed to enable the SSH, but the login/password were non-standard. Thanks for the email address, I couldn’t find it anywhere!

It’s on the Shop page, at the bottom under Information → Contact us → “Sales Support”

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D’oh! I definitely should have found that.

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