Access.log file getting huge!

I’ve been running an emoncms server install on for a number of years now, and it’s starting to take up a lot of space. The space used is mostly in /var/www/data/log/access.log which is now 15GB!

The contents of the log are received packets from the various emonpi units that are sending data.

Is this a log file that I can delete, or somehow reduce without losing data?

Thanks in advance

I am having a similar problem. Any solution to this?

Hi JD and Sustainabill, (clever nym, BTW)

Yes, the Apache access log can be deleted with no ill effects.
The apache.conf file can be configured to reduce the log level or tun off the log altogether.

Info on how to do that here:

I can confirm that deleting that log (which wasn’t so simple due to the file being open, but I figured it out thanks to google) freed up a huge amount of space with no ill effects.