AC Sensor, Temp Sensor and Optical Sensor

First time poster, I’m considering the purchase of an emonPi and joining the community!
I’m based in Australia, have a PV system I’d like to monitor for both production and grid consumption.

I have three questions to help in selection of my hardware:

  1. The shop on this site does not have an Australian plug AC-AC voltage sensor, and I don’t really want to use an international plug adapter. My question is will any 9V AC power supply be appropriate?
    How about this one?

  2. I have a EDMI MK7C Utility meter at my house which as far as I can tell should be compatible with the Optical Meter LED Pulse Sensor. Question is: How does adding this sensor benefit my system? What extra info or accuracy does this add? Trying to work out if it’s work purchasing.

  3. If I choose the Optical Sensor and want to also add a temperature sensor to the emonPi can anyone share a wiring diagram or pin-out to set this up with the one RJ-45 plug? I don’t really want to use the RJ-45 Expander as I don’t have a way of neatly enclosing or mounting this and the extra cables.

Thanks for the help in advance.

No. You require an a.c. output. That one is d.c. @dBC & @Greebo recommended this one 240VAC to 12VAC Transformers - #6 by Greebo a little while ago.

The optical pulse sensor will give you an accurate pulse count of energy - historically, after that packet of energy has been taken. It won’t tell you the present power consumption. Nor is it likely to tell you anything about exported energy.

The plug wiring is in the Resources section, under the emonPi heading. The pulse input is D3 (pin 6) and the temperature is D4 (pin 4).

The one you’ve linked to appears to be a switched mode 3V DC power supply with a US plug (so you’d still need an adapter). See this thread for why a switched mode adapter is the wrong choice if you found an AC-AC one.
This post points to a locally sourced non-OEM shop adapter that I’m using in my deployment but it has yet to be tested for accuracy.

[Robert beat me to it]

Sorry. :cry:

Thanks all for the quick replies, great info cheers!

Sorry about link - it was displaying for me a cheap ebay 9V AC supply but the link seems to go elsewhere, very strange, anyhow…

@Greebo @Robert.Wall the Jaycar one was already on my radar, I’ll get that - thanks!