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Showcasing your own work done within emoncms!

Thanks @Jon
Do you want to move my thread in here?


Hi Dave! I already moved your thread. Thank you for the suggestion - it was a good one! Jon

PS - I like the dashboard(s) you created - excellent work!

Thanks Jon
I’m always up for improving things thou.

If you did anything special, different or custom in your dashboard(s) you may want to write up that info as part of your post. That would help people like me (no creative talent!)

I don’t have dashboard advice to offer - I struggle with making a good useful dashboard so I usually take bits and pieces from others. Many of the items you’ve displayed look great but I don’t have a clue how to create them!

Steve - smitt1979 created these:



Dave - Thank you for adding the details! I have one concern about the post:

I have an emonPi also and there is a SFTP already installed. The “S” is either for Secure or for SSH. I access it via port 22:

sftp://[email protected]/

I can browse, view and edit most every file. I bring this up since FTP may not be well secured and users may not need to install FTP. Give it a try and see if it meets your needs.

I never knew that Jon, agreed there’s no need to remake the wheel.