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Discussion and support regarding installing Emoncms.

Emoncms is pre-installed on the emonSD pre-built Raspberry Pi SD card.

Emoncms on emonSD see emonSD category and User Guide

Standalone Emoncms installation (Ubuntu, Windows etc.) see Emoncms Github

I’m having a problem of not being able to find any reference to EmonBase. I got a EmonTx V3.4, Glcd, Emonbase back in December of 2014. I did not put it all together until now, I hooked up the EmonTx and it communicates to the Glcd. I have looked at the old and new forum, but have not found any reference to the EmonBase on how to proceed to the next step in adding it so I can go to the next step of posting to the EmonCms.

The emonBase follows the same user guide as the emonPi: