A few days work installing monitoring system in Edinburgh. Help needed!

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(nick loening) #1

Hello people,
Is there anyone interested in helping for a day or two in Edinburgh. I would like to install a monitoring system plus some heating controls to an eco house in the centre of Edinburgh.
Perhaps there is someone who has experience with the system who may be able to help?
Accommodation provided if needed plus a small fee!
The house is owned by the ecoYoga Centre owners of Scotland’s west coast.
Many thanks,
Nick and Rachel

(Mark phelan) #2

I live just outside of Edinburgh, and work in the west. Let me know if I can help.

(nick loening) #3

Hi Mark, thanks for your reply…would you be able to send me a regular email to me [email protected] (hope it is OK to post email addresses here…?). Tell me a bit about yourself, your skills and what you do? Many thanks, Nick.

(Robert Wall) #4

If you don’t want to publish your email address, you can always use the private message facility (click on your icon top-right, then the envelope).

(Paul) #5

Can you tell us more about what you are aiming to install?

(Glyn Hudson) #6

Your EcoYoga centre looks awesome! Nice work. Quite tempted go for a electric car adventure up north in the new year :slight_smile:

(nick loening) #7

Hi Glyn, you are very welcome to come up and visit ecoYoga…we even have a charge point that plugs directly into our Hydro. Bear in mind we are now closed until Easter. All best Nick. PS I think Mark Phelan may well help with our installation.

(Glyn Hudson) #8

Fantastic! :slight_smile:

@Markp is a good guy, I’ve met up him several times in person :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the install and control options. Maybe post on the forum here so we can all give input.

Best of luck!