A couple of set up question about the PV divert setting:

1- Does the timer setting over-rule the PV divert function? the attached picture shows solar generation at 10w but the charging at 9amps with the timer activated

2- Should service level be set to 1,2,or auto?

3- My PV array is on the garage and connected to a smaller sub board(in the garage) with openevse fed from here also, so i have (Type2) setup for the emonpi with CT1 to incoming main (positive side) from the house to the garage sub board and CT2 to feed from sub board to inverter (positive side) this means i am not montioring the main house useage only the garage which is minimal, i can move the emonpi to the house and connect CT1 to incoming (grid) main and CT2 to feed to garage sub board, this would monitor all house useage but would have garage usage subtracted from PV generation and this would include any openevse charging which would knockout all PV generation does the openevse allow for this before calculating the divert level

  1. it should, but there was a bug, which I only fixed last week

  2. depends on your setup, probably L2, but where are you located?

  3. the divert can operate with either the direct solar power, or the main grid import/export. In solar mode OpenEVSE will allow all the solar power for charging, regardless of what the property usage is. In Grid I/E mode OpenEVSE will only use any exported power. So it depends on what you want to monitor and where you want to save. To save the most you should move to the main house usage, on the other hand the gauge ones will ‘work’ if you want that data for other reasons. You could use either but the house to garage will at least save you a little over the solar feed. Hope that makes sense

thanks Jeremy,
can you confirm:

1- are you saying the timer will over-rule the PV divert? and will i need to update the software if this was de-bugged last week?


3- Sorry i dont understand, if i move the emonpi to the house it will monitor import and export through the feed to the garage but this will include the any open evse charge which will cancel out the pv gen

  1. Correct, the current version however only turns on/off the charge, the fix also boosts the charge to max (configured) charge rate.

  2. The OpenEVSE knows how much energy it is using so takes that in to account when in the Grid I/E mode

1 will i need a software update for mt emonpi for these change to work?

Just the OpenEVSE WiFi firmware needs updating

Im currently running 4.1.0 on my open EVSE is there an update on this?

Releases can be downloaded from the GitHub page https://github.com/OpenEVSE/ESP32_WiFi_V4.x/releases the latest release is 4.1.5, but I think the fix you are after is only in the development build.