9.9.7 version – Emonhub.conf Log has disappeared …

Because of a problem with an emonTx/RPi, last evening I started over with a new SDHC and the emonSD image Oct 2018.

As usual it did an update when I first powered on.

I discovered that it had updated to ver 9.9.7 but I also discovered that the emonhub.conf log had disappeared …

That’s quite a loss as far as I’m concerned – extremely convenient when setting up Interfacers and generally getting things to work.

Can we have it back, please?

See this post:

I’ve just done an emonbase update & reboot and I’m now on version 9.9.8-beta.
Unfortunately the emonhub.conf log is still missing.

I don’t recall seeing any indication that the issues they were having in that other thread had been resolved…

That other thread does provide details on how you can extract the emonhub log file using ssh if you really need to look at it.

Yes thanks - I did find the emonhub log file using ssh but it does not compare.

The page shown in the screenshot (my original post) was great. Using one screen it was possible to edit emonhub.conf, restart it and immediately see the result - all very user friendly - as the original system design clearly intended.

I’m not suggesting that the replacement is better… all I’m saying is that the problem hasn’t been fixed yet and that the relevant people are already aware of it…

Thanks for the update.
If a fix is in the works then it’s no problem to wait.

Sorry about this, yes a fix is in the works and will be available to update soon.

Ok, this issue has now been fixed. If you run emonPi update the emonhub log should start working again. Please let me know if it does. It may require a reboot for changes to take effect.

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Glyn …
Did an emonBase update and the log is once again working OK
I did not even need to reboot
Many thx


Good to hear, thanks for feedback. See this thread for technical details of the fix:

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