8x Relay


I am searching for similar hardware, to manage my heating using MQTT. I use thermostats with firmware from GitHub - klausahrenberg/WThermostatBeca: Replaces original Tuya firmware on Beca thermostat with ESP8266 wifi module. this one allow me to connect to my mqtt server. But I have collector with 8-12 valves in each floor. and maybe it’s possible to have similar product, but to manage at least 8 relays.


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This has got lost in translation. Could you post a photo please?


i have ground heating. in each floor I have collectors with 8-12 valves. it’s a common installation.
I want to have something similar to this box: 1-Wire Eight Channel Relay Module for Home Automation with DIN BOX
but this box usi one-wire. I want to have similar, but with mqtt.
DIN box with 8 relays NO/NC and one mqtt ethernet/wifi



Sounds like he’s talking about a manifold. e.g. one input, 8 outputs.


@bl00d_b0b something like this?


it easy to find 4 relay boards that are wifi capable that you can setup for mqtt but since you want mqtt that would not matter much if you did in blocks of 4s

but I prefer these or these ones if want 10 amp - they work with wemos d2 but depending on d2 you have to cut D4 pin or bend it over ( which is what i do) and then jumper that pin on the shield to D6 . which if you look at the top of the shield is listed as pin 6 ( the one you bend) jumper to pin 8 ( in the case the 10amp version you de solder pin 6 and pull it then jumper to pin 8) then you can use espeasy to handle the Mqtt or home automation software

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yes. like this. 9-12 valves.



I have N/O valves 230V/2W. but I assume to use up to 8 channels, because several valves covers same zone. then I need up to 2-6W per channel.



I use tasmota. Do you think ESPEasy is better?


Ah, good find @stephen.

I have tried Tasmota & ESPHome and while ESPHome is easier to configure, I find Tasmota has a more reliable Wi-Fi connections. Gemerally they are all much the same so use the one you are used to.

There is a Tasmota template for that board LC Technology 5V 4 Channel Relay Board (LC-ESP01-4R-5V) Configuration for Tasmota

Do not be misled by the rating “2W”. You will find the valve solenoids are highly inductive and you must have a relay that is capable of switching inductive loads. If you have a relay that is only rated for “resistive” loads, or does not have a rating for inductive loads, the relay contacts will wear out very quickly.

Or worse yet, weld themselves together.

Silver cadmium oxide is the contact material you want.

these manifold values – are not those small little motor driven ones as that what i usually have two wire if it either N/0 or N/C and the spring returns them to the default position them once the power is cut or 3 wire if it is adjustable then you need an open and close power… so potentially if you have 8 values you might need 16 relays if you want them to be to remain adjustable … but if you just want to open or close the above relay will work