8266 flash problem

Hi there,

I´m in the first steps to built the BMS.
I have here a 8266MOD mini.
Tried to flash. Get the source compiled. The CH340 is visible in Windows10.
But finally the flash does not work.


A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to ESP8266: Timed out waiting for packet header

The com is correct. Tried diffrend baud rates. ( also changed in the source and compiled new )…
No chance.

Any suggestions or do I had bad luck and theres a defective chip?

Disregard. Murphys Law. The new D1 Mini was defective.
New D1 mini ordered. Works…

Because I could not let it be…

I beheaded the 8266.
Found a very small SMD part somewhere where I adopted it should no be there.
Sticked in the blue area. I soldered it to the red position.
Tried to flash.


Murphys law. Took me a whole day last week.