600a sct For Sale

I have a number NEW 600A 100mA 0.5% Split coil transformers left over from an order . They all have an extra long 2 M Cable on them.
I am asking for 25 quid each on ebay for them Link below.
I have been using these now for 1 year and found them very accurate .
any other questions Just Ask


Rated Primary Current(Amp.) 50/60Hz 600nom(1~720A max)
Turn ratio Np:Ns=1:6000
Current Ratio 600A/100mA
Accuracy @Rb=5VA 0.5%
D.C.Resistance at 20 ℃ 0.5Ω MAX
Phase error at rated current range ≦1.5˚
Operating Temperature Range -40~70℃
Storage Temperature Range -45~85℃
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage(Hi-pot) 3.5KV/1mA/1min
Impulse Withstand Voltage 5KV Peak
Insulation Resistance DC500V/100MΩ min