6 pin header to allow use of EmonESP and Temp sensor on emonTx at the same time

I have the EmonTX with the ESP8266 Huzzah wireless and when it’s installed, I cannot plug in the temp sensor.

Where can I get a 6 pin header that ships to Australia? If you guys have one lying around the shop and I bought the 4 port breakout, could you include it by any chance? I was surprised an additional header wasn’t included.


Very sorry about this

Any electronics retailer should stock some

sure, no problem. Just leave a comment with your order at checkout. No problem to include a header or 6-pin extension wire e.g

Another option would be to use a wired temperature sensor into the terminal block of the emonTx

I’m not sure exactly what you need, but these guys generally have local stock and fast shipping of most jumper type cables:


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