48v battery with built in bms not working on solis inverter

Hi all,
I’m new here, please be patient.
I’ve 48v 100ah lifepo4 battery pack with built in bms but no comms port.
The battery won’t work along side my solis inverter as the battery has no comms port. Is it possible to retrofit battery with comms port.

All help will be great fully appreciated.

Thanks all

Welcome, @Gulamsolar to the OEM forum.

I’m sorry nobody has responded to your post. It would seem that this might be a question that a local installer, or agent, would be in a better position to answer.

Hi Gulam,
Did you find a solution to your problem. I am experiencing the same problem now with my Solis inverter and a generic 48V battery. My only idea currently is the add another battery with a properly communicating BMS and connect the generic battery in parallel as a silent capacity addition. Since both batteries would be in parallel and result in the same state of charge, the inverter charge controller should work properly. However, I am not sure if the battery capacity can be adjusted larger in the inverter than the battery size of the associated battery with BMS that is has coms with.


That was a good move by you. Using a compatible battery as the master and the others as a slave. That should work ok. Make sure that both battery types are the same. Ie eg. Prismatic LiFePO4. It is possible to input a max size battery capacity of only 500Ah. There is a function for inputs with the solis inverter. Sorry can’t remember it. Let me know if there are any issues. I’m sorry I didn’t think of that.

I replaced the solis inverter with a Phocos all grid inverter which has been working great for me.

Thanks for the feedback