433 MHz transmitter

Hi all
I have a humidity/temperature 433mhz transmiter at home and i can change the channels it works(1,2 or 3). Does someone know how can i find what he sends? It was bought on lidl, so, its not from any known brand. Its to install it outside instead of my emonTH.
Already try to see on emonHub Log file but didn’t find anything relevant.
Searching in the forum, didn’t helped me either.
Can someone point me the right direction?


I have use one of these SonoffRF devices to connect to a 433 based doorbell.

I flashed mine with Tasmota. DrZzs has a number of YouTube videos on the subject.

Intend to do this for a 433 temp and humidity sensor soon.

You may want to check the rtl_433 project from “merbanan” on Github.
It may support your device.

I did use it to push temperatures to emoncms from 3 different devices.
You need one of these cheap RTL-SDR dongles.

Good suggestion. Very versatile device.
Here’s a ink for more info.

Thanks @Daturach, @Bill.Thomson and @Borpin.

I was looking for something more easy and to be able to make use of my emonpi to catch the signal. That is too much technical to my knowledge.
But thanks for the suggestions.

I gave up on this idea 433 was too difficult, I ended up with Bluetooth sensors which are reasonably easy to set up.