433 MHz emonpi

Hi there

Is there a 433 transmitter on the standard pi board
Plan my first node red project want to turn a 433 MHz socket on/off depending on solar export

Know the codes to transmit as sampled it with my arduino

Thanks Arden

There is a rfm69cw rf module fitted to the emonpi add-on board and there is an unpopulated footprint for a 433MHz On-Off-Keyring (OOK) transmitter on there too.

I suspect your mains socket uses OOK most of them do. There are several posts about LightwaveRF on the emonpi here on the forum that should help you and both the guide and the wiki have info too. The transmitter is widely available but stocked it the OEM shop too.

The OOK transmitter is fitted to the emonpi add-on board but it is accessible directly via the RPi GPIO so it should be readily available to node-red. The existing rfm69cw module is accessed via emonhub and the emonpi sketch so it’s quite involved to access it from node-red.



thanks for the info the transmitter looks very well priced but I have a bag of these in my draw already

MCIGICM 1Lot= 5pairs (10pcs) 433Mhz RF transmitter and receiver Module link kit ARM/MCU WL diy 433mhz wireless Hot sale|rf transmitter|transmitter and receiverrf transmitter and receiver - AliExpress

the pins are in the same place and know they work as tested in the past is there any reason I cant use them ?

Are you sure?

the emonpi footprint is Ant, Vcc, Data, Gnd.

and the FS1000A you linked is Vcc, Gnd, Data

Overlooking the pinout (you could attach with some short wires if they are different) I’m afraid I have no idea if these are otherwise interchangeable.

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