3D STL for OEM emonTx shield based Uno case and cad file

Hi there here is cad file and STL for anyone who wants to build a case for emonTX shield and uno


here are the case files one a large USB hole style, the other is a small USB hole style
oemtxUNO.zip (301.9 KB)

it was done on Freecad 20. I used the the appimage version from the freecad website. as it seams the one included in my version of linux was slightly broken and did not work properly .
it easily modifiable in freecad.

I will upload the lids for it either today or tomorrow just to just have create it and verify it fit first.

man did I have trouble printing with PETG it would not stick to my bed. PLA worked fine . but as a trick to get PETG to stick. - use paint tape. and mask your table with it and then wipe the top layer clean with rubbing alcohol. that worked like a charm

Tip: before 3D printing. print the template and see if your if your USB and power ports align properly. as there are some variance between UNO boards and then adjust for best fit using orthographic view and wireframe draw style ( you would select Sketch004 and viewing from the leftside ) then adjust as needed

I had similar issues with PETG.
Hairspray, in a coat thick enough to be glossy works good too. The purple glue stick works surprisingly well and is cheap, although maybe not as cheap as painter’s tape. :wink:
Both clean up nicely with Isopropyl alcohol. Buildplate temperature of 70-80° C helps a lot.
A glass buildplate also works well with PETG (as well as PLA, et al)
The recommended glass is borosilicate. Neoceram or Pyroceram (ceramic glass)
work even better, but they cost quite a bit more than borosilicate glass.

I tried hairspray did not work for me , did not have any gluesticks around to try. I was going to try glass the next day as it was late and I was tired . as i was already struggling with that PETG for couple hours (maybe more), I was going to cut a bed out some plate glass that i have the following morning . but then I ran across a comment by chance that said painters tape works really well for PETG. So gave it a try ( what could I loose) . masked up my bed and it worked . the PETG stuck solid to the bed and did not move. watched it for abit, no problem, went to bed woke up and it was done.

my PETG specifies higher temperatures then that a bed temperature of 80 - 90c and nozzel temp of 230 - 250c so I am trying in the middle of that - currently printing the lid, should be done soon as well also stuck solid to the bed first try … so happy with the painters tape and it looks like you can use it several times as well in a row… I probably still cut a glass plate and mask that one. and keep the textured factory one for the PLA

okay here are the lid files - I made 10 mm and 20mm lid stl and cad file. they fit like a glove with out any clean up. as I made the lip 0.30 mm bigger then the box
Lid-emontx.zip (1.1 MB)

the cad file is easily adjustable for any hieght you want as it all linked internally.
simple open the cad file (*.FCStd). simply click on Pad001 and increase/decrease to what ever height you desire . or add in LCD/TFT screen port then export as STL and print as you usually do…