300A -> 50mA possible?

I see that 100A → 50mA CTs are used as the standard, but for locations with larger power, is it possible to use a 300A → 50 mA CT and adjust the formulas in the FW etc? Or is there some limitation I am not aware of?


See the “EmonTx - Use in N.America” page.

You can in fact use any c.t. provided you have the correct burden resistor (possibly mounted externally to the emonTx/emonPi) and your c.t. has an adequate VA rating to develop about 1.1 V rms across its burden. You might need to remove the internal burden resistor in this case, depending on the value that is needed.

Thanks! But as long as it outputs 50 mA it should do fine with the same burden resistor right?

Correct. (So the YHDC one is particularly attractive even though there is no 300 A version, as it needs no change of burden; followed by the Sentran, which needs a parallel resistor added.)

Thank you once again! :slight_smile: