3 Phase Sketch using the ESP8266 Huzzah WIFI module missing data


As I was having trouble with radio transmission I decided to try using the WIFI module. After some problems getting it set up mentioned in another topic I have it working perfectly.

The one thing I immediately noticed is that not all the inputs transmitted by the RFM are posted when using the WIFI module.

There are no temperatures and no pulse counts.

Is there any reason these cannot be added?



I believe this will do as you want, but I don’t have an ESP8266 so I couldn’t check it.

emonTx_3Phase_Voltage.zip (14.1 KB)


I will test it as soon as I can.

Hi Robert

Tested today, 6 temperatures posting. One query. When I was getting data via the RFM I got 2 numbers for pulses:-

12 1 pulsecount (2 LSB’s of the “pulsecount” unsigned long)
13 0 x65535’s pulsecounts (2 MSB’s of the “pulsecount” unsigned long)

The sketch I just tested has only one number for the pulsecount. Is this correct?


Yes, your original NanodeRF only ever expected to see 16bit signed ints, since emonhub we have been able to send 32bit Longs (and other datatypes) but in this instance you are not sending fixed datatypes, you are sending the human readable value as a text string so no “decoding” required.