3, 4, 5, battery banks in parallel. Will it work with diyBMS 4.4?

Hi there,
First post … noob here. Hope you excuse my lack of knowledge.

Guys, I currently have 3 banks of 18650’s (building 4th and 5th in plans). All three are almost identical - 7s97p all connected parallel with nominal 24V. Currently using Chinese Aliexpress bms which manages all 3 banks. I know not ideal.

My questions: will the new diyBMS 4.4 controller manage 3 banks of batteries? or will I need 3 controllers? And the last if the answer is 3 controllers, will the management page sees this as one battery or 3 different ones?

Short answer… Yes you can use a single controller for your setup.

I have two banks of 7s80p with another three or four same sized banks planned (batteries in various states of testing).

What you will do is connect the controller to the first bank pack 1 and connect each pack in series until you reach the last pack of the last bank which then connects back to the controller.

In the controller web UI you can specify that each bank should be 7s and it will sort out the details for you.

Thank you for your feedback.

Do I understand it correctly? I connect the battery module to another battery module in series?

Yes, each diyBMS module will monitor a single battery (in your case the 97 cell “pack”). Each module also has an RX and TX, these connect the individual modules together and to the controller.