2 or more arduino with emontx-shield, and 1 rasp emonhub rf

Can one have many emontx-shield devices and 1 rasp pi with receiver rf and emonhub collecting from many tx-shields? Would the 433mhz radio of multiple tx-shields interfere with each other? I currently have 1 emontx-shield on an arduino uno, and 1 rasp pi with receiver hat for rf collecting data from emontx-shield. I want to put another emontx-shield in range of the rasp-pi to monitor power from another source, and send to same rasp pi collector. Thanks.

Yes, each must have an unique NodeID.

Yes, they will as all share the same radio channel, therefore if two transmit at the same time, each will block the other.

You might like to consider Wi-Fi instead?

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Thanks. Is there a link to documentation on how one could use arduino uno + tx-shield + wifi by any chance?

I’m not an Arduino expert, so I don’t know.

It’s possible with the emonTx (essentially a Uno with a Shield) and an ESP8266 or a Pi Zero W, so I’d expect it can be done - those just sit on the FTDI serial port but obviously need their own software to do the Wi-Fi.

This might help with the ESP8266 method:
and this with the RPi:

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I will take a closer look. Thank you.