2 issues - Can't update emonCMS nor send feeds to emoncms.org

Hi All,

I have currently 2 issues:

  1. I can’t update my emoncms. See screenshot attached.
  2. I cannot send feeds to emoncms.org

Can someone help me? I can send logs if needed, just tell me how to do so.

Thanks in advance.

On the update issue, could this be the problem

Always worth trying to search the Forum using the error message in quotes e.g. “old or undefined” and checking the ‘latest’ posts (Discourse doesn,t seem to good on the ‘relevance’ IME).

To help debug this issue, please attach a copy of your emonhub log file. You should be able to download from the emonhub tab in emoncms. Assuming you have followed: http://guide.openenergymonitor.org/setup/remote

Edit - renamed thread to enable other users to find solution to similar / same issues. BT - Moderator

Sorry for the very late reply. I was having an issue with the DNS.