1ch Relay web server unresponsive after time

(John) #1


After a few hours, web server becomes unresponsive. I ordered a whole bunch of these and h-ave one up testing. I hope this is not generalized… Any know issues about this?

(Trystan Lea) #2

Hello @mickeymouse690 its not something we are aware of, are you using the stock firmware? @glyn.hudson would you have any ideas?

(Glyn Hudson) #3

This is not a known issue. Please could you let us know a bit more about your setup.

  1. Is the unit in Wi-Fi Access Point or is it connected to a local network
  2. What page are you loading?
  3. Are you refreshing the page?
  4. What happens when the page becomes unresponsive? Does the drop off the Wifi?

(John) #4

Stock firmware, its connected to local network.

It just doesnt respond at all. 404 error and doesn’t reply to pings when you try to access http. Needs a hard reboot and she comes back. Has happened 4 times in the last 24-36 hours. Been good all day but i have been checking it all day. Will recheck in the morning and update.

Thx for your replies