1 phase support for ATMEL 90E36A

Is ATMEL IC M90E36A capable to monitor energy for 1phase (single phase) application ? Ex. residential applications ?

Welcome. @Amarendra_Ranade, to the OEM forum.

I cannot say that I recall ever seeing that device mentioned here before. I’ve taken a quick look at the data sheet, and while it makes mention only of 3-phase, I did notice that it can handle 3-wire or 4-wire, so my guess would be that you could either parallel all three inputs and then only use the values from one, or you could leave phases 2 & 3 disconnected, as would happen if the fuses blew.

I noticed also the data sheet mentions that it is usable with a direct galvanic connection to the mains. If you do that, you MUST treat it as being live at all times and you MUST isolate all connections going outside of its box - including when you are programming the processor or whatever that receives the data, and when testing. I strongly advise you to use instead a voltage transformer to give a safe, isolated, sample of mains voltage.