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0.99 kw PV installation DNO notification requirements?


I am looking to install a (initially) very small 0.99kw PV array on my flat roof. I think I have all the design and components sorted (including EmonPI obvs)… The last thing on my list to check off before I pull the trigger is around notification of the DNO for instillation of micro generation? Can anyone offer advice on what are the legal requirements around this. From what I can tell as the system is <3.68 kw (or 16 amps) I simply have to notify them, insure it is possible isolate it from the network and generation automatically stop if power to the main grid is lost.
Any guidance as to the notification requirements (if required) and if so which forms would be gratefully appreciated?



I did something similar. I requested the forms, completed them and sent them in. A week or so later the approval came in. We are with Western Power. They required name of installer and qualification. I stated myself as installer and my C&G technician’s qualification. I didn’t mention it was a Mechanical Engineering certificate!

You might want to get the form from your DNO and see what they require.

thanks for that Ian. Very useful. I wonder if my GCSE in CDT would count!

Further “googling” showed it is ok to enter “N/A (self-installed)” in the accreditation /qualification section.